Content Management for PowerPoint

empower will transform the way your organization works with PowerPoint!

empower is a content management system for PowerPoint: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available offline and always up-to-date.


Hundreds of corporations worldwide are already empowered.


MIO002_Icons_Manage Slide Library

Find, manage and share all content with our leading content management system for PowerPoint

Tired of hunting for images, charts, and slides? Need to replace the SharePoint slide library that was dropped in 2013? Meet the empower slide library. A scalable, enterprise-class solution built with Microsoft technologies. Manage, collaborate, and keep all content up-to-date within PowerPoint. No new apps to learn. No steep learning curve… think “drag and drop”.

Access all slides, images and
charts from within PowerPoint
Never again use outdated content
Improve collaboration
No more emailing slides!
Manage and update 1,000s of slides effortlessly

MIO002_Icons_R Brand Strengthener

Increase brand consistency by 3X

Your brand is an important asset, but our research has shown that only 30% of all presentations comply with the brand guidelines. Quickly access the brand fonts and colors without guess work and have empower check all presentations for brand consistency before they are uploaded to the library.

Your style guide integrated into PowerPoint
Provide your templates and images to all users within PowerPoint
Old to new made simple…
easily adapt slides to a new template
Customize empower to your needs

MIO002_Icons_Productivity_Booster Productivity Booster

Create presentations 30% faster

Time is precious, so why spend it on formatting instead of focusing on better content? Our study has shown that PowerPoint users spend 40% of their time on formatting slides. empower provides ready-to-use templates, charts and pictures to create amazing slides in no time. Bring in your own Excel charts and tables and format them with one-click. That’s not a typo. We show this and other time saving empower features in the video below.

Work like a strategy consultant –
with a powerful template library
Format charts and switch between 4:3 and 16:9
with one mouse click. You’re welcome
Use our layout tools like a Graphic Designer
Automated slide creation
No humans necessary

IT Specs

Your data is yours

empower enterprise can be hosted within your company’s IT infrastructure, your company’s private cloud, or alternatively in our managed Microsoft Azure cloud. Enjoy quarterly updates and the option for “hands-on” setup for easy deployment.



  • empower is an add-in for PowerPoint – no browser or apps needed
  • Connects to a database or shared drive folder and syncs content offline
  • empower works within your IT infrastructure or in the cloud



  • Works for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Citrix and terminal server
  • Works for Mac OSX using Parallels, VirtualBox, Citiry, MS Remote Apps
  • Native Mac OSX, Browser and Android support coming soon



  • Can be connected with SharePoint, Dropbox, OneDrive
  • Integration with other systems like upon request
  • Automatically generate and update slides in the library using PIMS, CRM or other systems

Our Unique Value Proposition

Market research has revealed that people spend a significant amount of time creating PowerPoint presentations, yet brand consistency is absent. With empower, our clients save time, create impressive slides and dramatically strengthen their brand in presentations!

Save time and money

Strengthen your brand

Create better presentations in less time with empower

Full Feature List

Slide Library
  • Share slides, presentations, images and charts
  • Easily drag & drop content into PowerPoint
  • Folder level permissions using Active Directory
  • Google-like full text search
  • Automatic updates
  • Meta information, analytics and evaluations
  • Versioning & Recycle Bin
  • Multi-Language support for content
  • Full offline synchronization
  • iPad app to access the slide library offline
  • Simultaneous co-authoring of presentation with multiple users (check out of slides)
  • Send links to library elements via email
  • Connect your sales enablement/CRM software to empower
Brand Strengthener
  • Provide master templates on startup
  • Preformatted charts, tables, text elements icons, images and smartarts per brand
  • Custom color pickers for font, fill and line per brand
  • Custom font picker and font sizes per brand
  • Supports multiple brands / masters / logos
  • Design check for templates, fonts, colors, bullets, logo protection area, and layout protection per brand
  • Layout cleaner to eliminate unwanted layouts in a presentation
  • Connect your Media Asset Management database to empower
  • Customize empower to match your brand
Productivity Booster
  • Create agendas with subitems and page numbers
  • Link Excel data to PowerPoint tables
  • Apply chart, table and text formats with one mouse-click
  • Insert preformatted slides from a template library
  • Switch from 4:3 to 16:9 with one mouse-click
  • Change spelling language
  • Send slides as PDF
  • Delete all notes and animations
  • Harvey balls, traffic lights, value chains
  • Advanced layout tools: same height, same width, fit to area, swap position, dock objects, intelligently distribute elements