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Made in Office – the number one for Microsoft® Office development. Since 2005, we develop bespoke software solutions and standard products based on Microsoft® Office. You can maximize Excel®, PowerPoint®, Outlook®, Word® and Access® to their fullest potential!

start_teas1_24 Expertise through specialization

Since 2005, we develop software based on Microsoft® Office with VBA and C#. Benefit from our expertise  – we provide effective solutions for your requirements!

startteas2_01 Prepare to be amazed!

Attractive and easy-to-use: our MS Office solutions inspire a fast growing number of companies worldwide. Prepare to be amazed!

startteas3_01 Impressive cost-benefit ratio

Custom-tailored Office solutions are inexpensive and quickly implemented. You can solve your business problems at an attractive price. See for yourself!

“Professional Powerpoint Presentations can Make the Difference between a Sale or Fail”


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