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Which PowerPoint format: 16:9 or 4:3?

18.08.2017 • General

Our clients frequently ask us what is the best aspect ratio to use in PowerPoint. 4:3? 16:9? DIN A4 or Letter? Our recommendation: your best bet is 16:9. This choice is simple. These days PowerPoint presentations are increasingly presented in digital form and are seldom printed. No matter if viewed on laptop, monitor or with…

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“Professional Powerpoint Presentations can Make the Difference between a Sale or Fail”

20.04.2015 • General

Advice For Marketing Leaders From CEOs And Other Experts In its online edition the Forbes magazine gives advices for successful online marketing. It confirms not only the relevance of presentations for companies but also recommends the PowerPoint management system “empower” from Made in Office as the leading tool. Read the whole articel here.

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