Collaboration in PowerPoint: working on presentations together

Mar 12, 2018

Would you like to work on the same presentation with your colleagues? To make this collaboration in PowerPoint simpler, empower slides has the Checkout and Label function. This allows you to easily collaborate on presentations within the empower library. empower slides also allows you to coordinate your joint effort and avoid overlaps.


Using the label function, you are able to assign hints to elements in the empower library. For example, you are able to set the status of a library element or assign a colleague to edit a specific slide.

1. Select the desired slide in the empower library. Right-click it and click on Collaboration. Now click on Add label.

2. Assign a label by typing into the entry field and click Add label.

3. If you want to remove the label, simply click on Collaboration and Delete label.



Once you begin editing an element, you can notify your colleagues that you are currently working on it. This way you can avoid that other users accidentally overwrite your work., It is not necessary to download the whole presentation to edit a slide. You only need to download the slide that you would like to work on, which can be uploaded to the library after you have completed editing. Here’s how you do this:

1. Right-click the desired slide. In Collaboration click on Check out.

2. To edit the slide, insert it into the current presentation by clicking on Insert.


After you have finished working on your slide, you can now upload it back to the empower library.

3. Select the slide and click Save in library, then Slide and Save.



You will then be prompted to check in the slide.

4. Click Yes if you do not plan on making any further changes. Alternatively, you can check in the slide at a later date by right-clicking it in the library, selecting Collaboration and finally clicking Check in.


As long as the slide is checked out, other users are able to open and edit it, however once they save the slide they will be notified that it has been checked out by you. If your colleague has made changes to the slide and has saved it to the empower library, you will be notified and have the ability roll back these changes.


Further information on the empower® slides slide library can be found here