empower® mails is finally here!

May 07, 2018

empower® mails – Never again will you need to worry about errors or incomplete signatures!


We at Made in Office aim to make working with Office easier, and boost uniformity and efficiency. With empower® slides, docs, and charts, we have successfully made day-to-day life easier for over 930.000 users across the world. In order to improve your work with Outlook we are pleased to introduce you to our newest software product in the empower® suite: empower® mails!


empower® mails assists signature maintenance in Outlook and will automatically generate the correct, current signature for every user while always conforming to corporate design.


First, let’s keep in mind current circumstances in most corporations.

Each employee writes approx. 7.000 emails a year. Every email represents your corporation as much as it has the potential to strengthen your brand. Details contained in the signature of business emails are statutory. For this reason, it is crucial that every email contains a correct and current signature, that not only conforms to the corporate design of your corporation, but also complies with legal requirements. In reality this is frequently not the case. Creating and changing the signature is typically the responsibility of each individual employee. Often, internal emails that communicate changes to the signature are overlooked and the signature is not updated. Even if the signature is changed, it is still impossible to ensure that it is complete and without errors. In consequence, signatures may be erroneous or out of date. Not only does this not communicate the brand in a uniform manner, but as a violation of the law these emails may even cause fines or reprimand.


At Made in Office we knew that this could be done easier and more efficiently!

Hence, we developed an add-in that allows central administration and alteration of all email signatures. After first launching empower® mails, each user will automatically receive the correct signature in the current corporate design. Data is sourced from the Active Directory, if required multiple signatures can be created, e.g. in different languages. Changes to the signature, such as a new ad slogan, can be easily conducted centrally. These alterations will then be implemented for every single employee. Signatures that are out of date or do not conform to current design guidelines will be a thing of the past!


But that is not all! We have greater plans. In future we aim to leverage text elements within Outlook, as well as implementing a time management coach which will help you tackle the flood of new emails you receive every day. Join us on our mission to improve efficiency uniformity and brand consistency in Outlook!


We invite you to explore the functions of empower® mails for yourself: visit our website!