How to merge documents in Word

Dec 05, 2019

Frequently, it happens that you want to merge documents in Word. You think copy & paste is enough, don’t you? Of course, these functions can already help you to merge text documents. However, merging documents in Word is more difficult when working more complex layouts, where not only text modules are used. We have created a step-by-step guide to show you how to merge documents in Word.


Simply follow the two steps below:


  1. In the ribbon, click under “Insert”.
    merge documents in word
  2. In the category “Text”, you will find “Object”. Then select “Text from File”.
    merge documents in word text from file

Now, select the document that you want to insert into your existing document. It will be inserted at the very position where the cursor is located. You can insert different file formats (docs, pdf, xml…) into the Word document. However, the original formatting is only guaranteed for Word documents and most RTF documents. Results may vary for other file formats.

Do you want to work with Word even more efficiently, easily and uniformly?


A possible solution could be our Word-add-in empower® docs. During the development of empower® docs, we carefully checked where Word costs too much time and created the right tools for you. The connection to the Active Directory means that your contact details are automatically entered when you open a template, including those of a colleague if you wish. A central text module administration allows you to access and edit formulation templates together. Each employee can create his or her own folders and share them with selected or all colleagues as required. A further simplification: At the push of a button, recipient data is simply inserted into the letterhead of the template at the push of a button from Outlook or another address book.

Have we aroused your curiosity? We would be happy to show you empower® docs in a non-binding demo. Here, you will find further information about empower® docs.