people from our company – Domenik Schlamann

May 10, 2019

people from our company

I’ve recently joined Made in Office. In March 2018 I started to support the technical support of empower slides. I was made aware of Made in Office by a developer from the empower charts team who recommended Made in Office as my employer. I was convinced quite fast, not only the already existing personal contact was decisive, but also the team. The people I’ve met here are great, whether it’s about interpersonal or professional skills. Thus, he said, an enormous amount of trust had already been built up today. I’m sure I’ve found the right job. Especially the small things in my daily work confirm this again and again. I’m most happy when customers are happy and a problem has been solved that may have cost me minimal effort. I settled in really fast. My desk can be recognized by a USB fan and a notebook, unfortunately I am much too forgetful and could not work properly without it. The perfect working day always starts with a cup of coffee. I prefer to work in blocks. First appointments and then time for reworking and preparation. The best after-work time is the one with an empty request list. I particularly enjoy the view from the 40th floor of the Cologne Tower. Preferably with the Cologne classic “Himmel und Äd“ in the lunch break. In the short time I have already experienced a lot. In fact, I had my first flight together with my colleagues, that was very exciting and a nice memory. Since I joined Made in Office, I have noticed how easy it can be to work with Microsoft Office. The empower extensions are ingenious. Especially the Agenda feature. There is hardly anything more difficult than to structure your presentation flexibly and uniformly and to find your way within larger presentations at any time. The Agenda makes that possible.