people from our company- Julian Kornmaier

Mar 18, 2019

people from our company“I am Head of Product Services and the head of the Product Services team, which advises customers worldwide on product launches, project management, training, IT infrastructure consulting, rollout support and 3rd level technical support.


My path at Made in Office started in 2011. A fellow student brought Made in Office to my attention. The company was looking for a working student in Account Management. The job promised me and even 8 years later I still believe in the people and the vision of Made in Office, because we create products that help people get the most out of themselves and find more time for their own vocation.


In the office I enjoy not only our fantastic view, but also our morning Daily Huddle, where we discuss in the team what challenges we have and how we can support each other. We are also happy to talk about new ideas: Be it product ideas resulting from the proximity to our customers or ideas for further increasing customer satisfaction. As a member of the Strategy and Leadership Boards, I prefer to talk about ideas for advancing our people, competitive strategic issues and our strategic direction in general.


Part of my daily routine is also the interaction with my Apple Watch, which I always have with me in the office. Even though many people are rolling their eyes now, our vacuum cleaner robot can tell me that it starts cleaning and then after 54 minutes it tells me again that it is ready and will drive back to the charging station. The day can then only be successful. This is often ended by sport, a meeting with friends or relaxing reading in a book.”