people from our company- Lars Meurers

Nov 05, 2018

people from our company

Since February 2017 I’ve been a part of Made in Office. A current colleague drew my attention to the company at the time. I was very dissatisfied with my former employer, so I ended up at Made in Office. I am responsible for the technical support and the customer experience. Even though the office is located in the highest tower of Cologne, I commute every day between Aachen and Cologne. My faithful companion is therefore my Bahncard, without it I would not come there or back. If the DB gives me a bad mood in the morning because there is a cow on the track or there is some kind of switch fault,

I’m still looking forward to the office because my team and my colleagues motivate me every day. We support each other in customer enquiries so that nothing can go wrong. It’s perfect when we fool around or have lunch together. I prefer to eat a mixed salad. Our team events are also ingenious, every time anew. It is usually eaten deliciously and even more drunk. Some funny stories have already happened.

But it is not only the team that makes Made in Office such a success, also our empower products. They are a real relief and not only inspire me, but also numerous customers. Especially worth mentioning is the library function of empower slides, which makes life really easier. By the way: If you can’t find me in the office, I like to paint Warhammer miniatures in my spare time, deal with history (mainly between 1400 and 1980), play computer games or go hiking.