People from our company – Michael Kensy

Oct 08, 2018


Made in Office


My story at Made in Office began almost seven years ago. I had just finished my business informatics studies. I got the job from a headhunter. In the interview I found Fabian and Stephan, the managing directors, super likeable. I was completely surprised how easy it can be in the real world. But I also liked the concept of Made in Office. The company was still quite small and I had the feeling to be able to move something. Besides, Cologne has always been my dream city. I was inexperienced in the working world, but with a passion for programming and a lot of accumulated knowledge from my studies, I was hired as a developer and architect for empower®



My desk at Made in Office became my second home. Meanwhile, it is decorated by two monitors, which I have ergonomically adjusted after several attempts, a plant that has definitely had its best days, a laptop and a completely overpriced docking station. Also important: my box of handkerchiefs, which the whole office uses. Even after 7 years, nothing beats the morning coffee in the office. Until noon it is then a matter of exploiting my high performance. From here on, the day can’t really get bad anymore. What’s missing is a few chats with the colleagues.


To this day, I am enthusiastic about Made in Office, not only about a great team, but also about my work as a software developer. Even as a prehistoric rock I still have the chance to develop further at Made in Office. After co-developing empower® 8, my next mission is to develop a new version of empower® docs. I get my own small team and can now call myself “Head of Development empower® docs”. However, what I still notice today is that many more people should work with empower. Back in university, I would have wished for the agenda feature from empower® slides. No more manual insertion, everything works automatically. But I also fell in love with the Gantt chart from empower® charts. It’s super easy to create project plans for any occasion, be it private or business. They look cool and I feel incredibly professional. I can’t serve the cliché of the damn seventh year. I’m looking forward to another seven great years at Made in Office.