people from our company- Tatjana Linden

Jan 10, 2019


people from our company


“2011 I was looking for an apprenticeship. I came across an online job advertisement for Made in Office. I applied. The 04. 07. 2011 was the start for (so far) 7 years at Made in Office. It felt like home. Everyone was friendly and the contact with each other was very familiar from the beginning. I liked the environment, the people and my potential tasks.


Today I work as a project manager, but also in product development. Technically as well as from the user’s point of view I am above all a specialist for all topics around Word and Outlook. New, technical challenges, satisfied customers, dear colleagues, new topics and seeing results in form of software are things that motivate me every day and show me again and again that I have found the right job. And if that isn’t enough motivation to wake up, I always have an energy drink with me in the office, because unlike software development, I couldn’t develop a preference for coffee.


By the way, this also applies to carnival – even though I work in Cologne, this tradition has never inspired me. I benefit from the fact that I commute every day from Leverkusen to Cologne, where carnival is a little less important. After work, when I arrive in Leverkusen, I enjoy doing sports, meeting friends and acquaintances, caring my cat, playing computer and Playstation games or watching a series.”