16:9 or 4:3? Interesting insights from our survey to PowerPoint – Make your vote count!

Oct 02, 2017

Last month we asked you to take part in our survey on the “PowerPoint aspect ratio: 16:9 or 4:3?”. We asked:

“What PowerPoint aspect ratio is currently used in your corporation?”

Here are the results divided into answers from the USA and from Europe:


Our recommendation in the article “Which PowerPoint aspect ratio: 16:9 or 4:3?” is ratified by the result. The most preferred format is clearly 16:9. It is surprising that more than half of all corporations use this format. DIN A4 or US letter format are only scarcely used for presentations. If you plan to revise a presentation, or update your PowerPoint content for a more modern, contemporary look, the established 16:9 format is the way forward. To aid you in creating a new PowerPoint master we recommend you to download our free whitepaper.

(10 tips for creating perfect PowerPoint templates)


Make your vote count!

Due to the positive feedback, we plan to continue this series this month. We want to provide our readers with even more interesting insights into the use of PowerPoint. We also gladly accept survey suggestions please email to empower-magazine@madeinoffice.com.


Our question this month: