3 PowerPoint Trends you need to know by 2020

Sep 26, 2019

In order to develop further and be up to date, it is essential to consider trends and forecasts. You should make sure that you consider future trends that are currently emerging. This is especially true for your PowerPoint presentations. In 2019, PowerPoint continued to show trends in presentation functionality and design. Let’s take a look at 2020, what you can’t miss in PowerPoint. In this blog post we will show you why you must have heard about flat design, why infographics are much more attractive than the well-known diagrams and how the morph transition makes your PowerPoint presentation an eyecatcher.


With PowerPoint 2019, Microsoft provides new functions that make your presentation even better and more modern. This year, less is still more. Pick up your audience with a presentation that’s packed with less text and more images to draw attention to your speeches. The following 3 PowerPoint Trends show you how to do this and create a 2020-compliant presentation.



These are the Top 3 PowerPoint Trends:


1. Minimalism – less is more


When designing your presentation, you should still make sure that the slides contain only the most important information. Most of it should be explained orally by the speaker. A PowerPoint trend that is becoming apparent in the design is the “flat design”. In 2020, 3D effects are definitely a thing of the past. The trend is towards a flat foil design. It should not only be reduced in content, but also in design. A two-colour design has a modern effect. The font should also be selected uniformly. Strong, bold and large fonts are in the trend. For white space, the ratio is 2/3. The contents should not occupy more than 1/3 of the space on a foil. So keep the saying “less is more” in mind in 2020.


An example of a flat foil design in PowerPoint is shown in the following:

PowerPoint Trends: flat foil design

2. Image instead of text – generate more attention with infographics


It is clear that a presentation cannot be designed completely without text. However, modern presentations increasingly do without text content. This is replaced by image content. Above all, icons ensure that the listener understands what it is all about without reading. In addition infographics are in the trend, instead of the use of classical diagrams. Infographics make the communication of facts possible by particularly large descriptiveness. With the help of icons, images & lines, a lot of text can be saved. Follow this PowerPoint trend and you will notice that the attention of your audience is not lost even when communicating contexts and numbers.

empower® slides offers you the option of integrating icons directly from a internal template library into your presentation. By the way, you can also conjure up a clear info graphic from your boring diagram in no time.

Learn more about empower® slides here.


3. Zoom until the doctor comes – with the new morph transition in PowerPoint 2019


Since PowerPoint 2019 it is possible to create a morph transition in PowerPoint. This function definitely belongs to the PowerPoint Trends 2020. Morphing is perfect for modern, image-heavy presentations. The Morph effect ensures a seamless transition from one slide to the next. This makes it possible to zoom in on content and to  illustrate different slide areas. All that needs to be done is to duplicate the same slide and enlarge or move the corresponding content. The morph effect can be found in the ribbon under “Transitions”.


You can find an Illustration of the Morph-Effect in the following video:



Don’t let PowerPoint trends become time robbers


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