QuickSteps: automatic working in Outlook

Jan 17, 2019

Often there are constantly repeating processes in Outlook that have to be worked through again and again. So that you don’t waste unnecessary time and nerves on such Sisyphus tasks, you can design your own QuickSteps in Outlook. With QuickSteps, you can combine several work steps into one automated quick command.


Typical applications from practice are:

– Move an email to a folder of your choice with a single click (this is especially useful if you receive many mails that are always sorted into the same folder).

– Archive an email with one click and create a task (which contains the email). So you can empty your inbox at lightning speed and have all important tasks in your task list.

– Archive an email with one click, create a task (see above) and send an automatic reply email that you will reply in the next X days.


  1. To design a QuickStep, click “New”; under “Start”, in the “QuickSteps” area.                                       quicksteps in outlook
  2. A new window opens in which you can give the QuickStep a Name.                                                                                                        quicksteps in outlook
  3. You can also select a symbol for your QuickStep. Click on the lightning in the upper left Corner.                                                            quicksteps in outlook
  4. For example, you want QuickStep to automatically send a new mail to a specific contact.
  5. To do this, select “New message” under Actions.                                                                                                                          quicksteps in outlook
  6. Now you can configure the message under “Show options”.                                                                                                         quicksteps in outlook
  7. Select a subject and a tag. You can also set the importance.                                                                                                              quicksteps in outlookquicksteps in outlook
  8. Under “Text” you now formulate the desired information, which is to be conveyed to the recipient with QuickStep.                                                                                                                                             Optionally, you can also set the e-mail to be sent with a delay of 1 Minute.                                                                                       quicksteps in outlook
  9. Click Add Action if another action is to be executed automatically by the QuickStep.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Now you can give your QuickStep a key combination so that you do not always have to select it under QuickSteps.                            quicksteps in outlook
  10. Click “Finish”. You have already created a QuickStep that will make your work with Outlook easier. You can find it under “Start” and “QuickSteps” or under your key combination.