The best shortcuts for self-phrasing in Word

Nov 12, 2018

Shortcuts are a relief for using in Word. They can save a lot of time, but often they are cumbersome combinations. In this office tip we want to show you how you can create your own shortcuts in Word and which five shortcuts are best suited for this.


  1. To create a shortcut in Word click `File´ and `Options´.
    shortcuts in word
  2. Then select `Customize Ribbon´.
    shortcuts in word
  3. Now click on `Customize´.
    shortcuts in word
  4. Now you have the possibility under `Categories´ to find the different commands, because these are assigned to categories. Alternatively you can also find all commands under `All Commands´.
  5. Click on `All Commands´, now under `Commands´ all commands open.
    shortcuts in word
  6. For example, the Save File command invokes the key combination Ctrl + S. To see under `Current keys´. You can assign a new key combination under `Press new shortcut key´.


shortcuts in word


We recommend assigning a simpler key combination to the following five commands to save even more time and make the combination easier to remember.

– Insert footer: no current shortcut

Suggestion new shortcut: Alt + i

– Insert header: no current shortcut

Suggestion new shortcut: Alt + h

– Insert page number: no current shortcut

Suggestion new shortcut: Alt + p

– Insert footnote: old Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + F

Suggestion new shortcut: Ctrl + f

– Insert date: old Shortcut: Alt + Shift + D

Suggestion new Shortcut: Ctrl + D