Your own colors in PowerPoint: master color theme and custom colors

Sep 04, 2018

In this office tip we will show you how to create your own master color scheme in PowerPoint. This makes it possible to create your own standardized font color, background color, colors of tables and diagrams as well as the color of links. Master colors are limited to only 12 colors, so we also show you the possibility of creating custom colors. Custom colors allow you to expand your color palette. You can give colors a name and a sequence.


Master color theme


For an master color theme click `View´ and select `Slide Master´.

master color theme

Click `Colors´ and select `Customize Colors´.

master color theme

master color

You can create your own design field. You can select the text colors, background colors, accent colors, and the colors of hyperlinks. Click on the respective color field. Now you can select your color individually by using the colour circle, color palette or direct input of the RGB Values.


master color thememaster color theme
The first color corresponds to the first font color. This often occurs on a light background thats why it we recommend to select a dark color. The second color corresponds to a second, rather light font color. The third color corresponds to a first background color. We recommend choosing a rather dark color. The fourth color corresponds to a second background. Usually this one is rather light. Accent colors 1-6 correspond to the colors of charts and tables that you can insert into your presentation.
The last two colors correspond to the colors of inserted hyperlinks. You can also set the color of already visited hyperlinks manually.

Do not forget to save! Your presentation is now individualized. Anyone who works with the master you have created can now access the color design.
If you want to adjust the colors later, you have to click on “Customize colors …” again. Also note that if you distribute this master to colleagues, the name of the color palette (which you may have assigned) will not appear on their PCs.
If these colors are not enough for you, you can also add custom colors.


Custom Colors


You already have fixed colors and would like to supplement your newly created color concept? The following steps show you how to install custom colors in your PowerPoint.

1. First convert the values of your colors to HEX values. Go to:

2. Save your presentations and rename it into a .zip file.
custom color
3. Open folder `ppt´ and file `theme‘.

custom colorcustom color

4. In this folder you will find an .xml file. Open it and activate the line break.

5. Insert the following formula at the end of the document, after the command: <a: extraClrSchemeLst>

<a:custClrLst><a:custClr name=“name of colour”><a:srgbClr val=“RGB in Hex” /></a:custClr></a:custClrLst>

custom color

Here you can enter as many colors as you want, you can select a name for each color as well as a sequence

6. Now save this theme. You also have to replace the theme in the .zip file.

7. Rename the .zip file back to a .ppts file.

The custom colors are now created in your color scheme.