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Create emails that are uniform, centrally manage signatures, and work faster: empower® mails is the high-performance add-in for Outlook.

empower your communication

with uniform, brand-compliant emails

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Made in Office Produkte Mails Overview

A 7.000 fold plus for your brand.

On average, every employee writes 7.000 emails a year – an incredible potential for your brand. Every single mail can reinforce the way you brand is perceived. It is an imperative that signatures and corporate design are in order.

empower® allows you to centrally ensure that every employee uses the correct signature and formatting in compliance with your brand design guidelines.

When you first start Outlook, a single or multiple signature will be set up, if required even in multiple languages. Date is sourced from the Active Directory and can be edited manually. If an email is to be sent in the name of a colleague, you can also select their signature.

Exceptionally practical: all information of your corporation, its location and its legal information are inserted from the central empower® database – changes to this data is automatically synchronized to all clients. Settings in terms of formatting and the signature template can also be centrally defined and directly synchronized to all clients.


Central signature management

  • Automatic setup of a signature upon each startup
  • The user can set multiple signatures in several languages
  • The user is able to import their data from the Active Directory, as well as overwrite them if required
  • Changes to the central signature template are synchronized with all clients.
  • The user has the ability to use the signature of another colleague for delegated correspondences or substitutions
  • All information connected to the company, its location and legal information is accessed from a central empower database. Changes to this data are automatically synchronized with all clients

Corporate Design settings

  • Email settings (font, size, and color) can be centrally defined and synchronized with all clients

empower your IT

with perfectly integrated solutions

MIO_Empower_Icon_IT-Specs IT specification

Just as with the entirety of the empower® suite, empower® mails is also optimized for a guaranteed smooth installation. The add-in is easily integrated into your infrastructure and can be run from an SQL database. No matter if within your IT environment or in an external cloud: empower® mails performs reliably, even in scenarios with 100.000 users located globally. A further advantage for the user: your address data solution is integrated, this way the data of corporations, locations and legal data is centrally administered in order for it to be always up to date.



  • empower® mails is an add-in for Word – easily provided via software distribution
  • connects to a database  and synchronizes data for offline use.
  • Works within your IT infrastructure or in a cloud.


System requirements

  • Supports all common Office versions: 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 ProPlus
  • Compatible with all current Windows versions, Citrix and Terminal Server
  • Runs with macOS via Parallels, VirtualBox, VMWare or Citrix/Terminal Server – native support for macOS, browser and Android are in the works.



  • Connection to your address data solution
  • Any connection to CRM and ERP systems (e.g. SAP, Oracle) is possible upon request
  • Integration into other systems such as are possible without restrictions

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The empower® suite is increasingly becoming the international standard. It is about time that empower® mails introduced itself.

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