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Know-How from the daily office work

Animate PPT-Charts individually with few steps

01.09.2017 • Technology

Here we show you how you can professionally animate your charts with just a few simple clicks: Insert chart Select chart “Animations” tab and select the desired animation Effect options Select the desired option (by series, by category, by element in series or by element in category     Wish to create even more individual…

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Which PowerPoint format: 16:9 or 4:3?

18.08.2017 • General

Our clients frequently ask us what is the best aspect ratio to use in PowerPoint. 4:3? 16:9? DIN A4 or Letter? Our recommendation: your best bet is 16:9. This choice is simple. These days PowerPoint presentations are increasingly presented in digital form and are seldom printed. No matter if viewed on laptop, monitor or with…

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Switch the format of PPT presentations with empower

15.08.2017 • General

Changing from 4:3 to 16:9 presentations is tedious and takes forever. Is there an easier way? We present to you the “empower format switcher”. Dynamically switch between 4:3 and 16:9 and all other formats you use. No distortion of circles and images. All other elements such as chart and text boxes are accurately placed in…

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#9 of the top 10 TED Talks ever

10.08.2017 • General

Shawn Achor tells us about the influence of happiness on our work lives – being happy at work is not only a bonus, as the psychologist and best-selling author argues, happiness is also instrumental for productivity! Watch ->  

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Tip of the Month August

03.08.2017 • General

Would you like to display your logo on the title slide of your presentation? We will show you how your logo always stays in the foreground when you change the cover picture: Open the Slidemaster view of your presentation using View -> Slide Master Select your title layout and insert an additional picture placeholder for…

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empower News

17.07.2017 • Technology

New Feature: In the current empower version 7.7 you can expect the best layout tools for PowerPoint. Over 70 intelligent features – inspired by the world’s leading graphics programs – help you create professional designs.

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Our 10 best TED Talks ever!

10.07.2017 • General

At 10th place, Simon Sinek discusses how good leaders inspire action. Sinek spent his life trying to convince people to act upon what inspires them. “People do not buy what you do. People buy why you do it.” Watch here ->

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Between fantasy and reality: Office 365 in the browser

03.07.2017 • General

These days it is impossible to talk about Office without including the mysterious term “Office 365”. The issue, discussed most frequently, is not whether there is a future in which all of us will only work with the Office products online in the browser, but rather when. In this context, the term “Office 365” has…

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“Professional Powerpoint Presentations can Make the Difference between a Sale or Fail”

20.04.2015 • General

Advice For Marketing Leaders From CEOs And Other Experts In its online edition the Forbes magazine gives advices for successful online marketing. It confirms not only the relevance of presentations for companies but also recommends the PowerPoint management system “empower” from Made in Office as the leading tool. Read the whole articel here.

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