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    We provide Microsoft® Office expertise at its best and help you get the most out of your Office applications. Contact us to learn more about your potential!


    The Leading Office Consultancy

    Professional and qualified consulting services from the leading Microsoft® Office experts. With our background as IT strategy consultants from top tier consultancies, we help you leverage the full potential of your Office applications. With 10 years of Office experience and a large team of experts, we know exactly what is possible and what should not be solved with Office. Take advantage of our expertise!


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    start_teas1_24  Office experts with consulting background

    We consult our clients since 10 years in the area of Microsoft® Office. Leverage the experience of our consultants – we provide honest and qualified advice!

    startteas2_01  Your full-service partner for Office

    We are not only your point of contact for strategic IT challenges, but also implement high-quality solutions for your Office requirements.

    startteas3_01  Analytical Expertise

    We believe in data-driven decision-making processes: our recommendations are always based on solid assumptions for expected returns on your investment.


    How much potential is
    in your Office applications?

    You have this feeling there is still so much potential for optimization when using Office applications within your organization? We have developed a standard procedure – our so called Office Assessment – that allows you to identify the biggest drivers in a structured and efficient process. Depending on your objectives and rqeuirements, we will adapt this approach accordingly.

    Typical project approach for our Office Assessment:

    Office Consultancy

    In a first non-binding consultation, we will discuss your objectives and the scope of the project. We then propose a flat fee for the Office Assessment depending on the scope. If you are not satisfied with the results at the end, we will not invoice our services!

    Office Consultancy

    In close collaboration with you, we will conduct an online survey for the selected employees. We will analyze the results and discuss them with you. Based on this outcome, focus areas for the following on-site workshops will be derived.

    Office Consultancy

    We will conduct multiple on-site workshops with the affected employees. The areas for improvement will be further detailed following the workshops.

    Office Consultancy

    You will receive a consolidated and prioritized overview of all potential optimization measures. Each measure will include a business case with a return on investment calculation. On demand, we will create proposals to implement these measures.


    Case Studies

    Priority No. 1: Increase transparency

    During a consulting engagement at a leading food retailer, it became obvious that there was not enough transparency across all management levels regarding their key performance indicators. Although all KPIs existed somewhere in SAP and other systems, there was no central dashboard that visualized the KPIs for each management level. This made it impossible for the management to actively work with these KPIs. The management team acted on our recommendation and we implemented a lean and easy-to-use solution. An Excel® based KPI dashboard was successfully implemented and now delivers daily KPIs to all management levels. The return on investment: with a small investment and only 3 months development time, all managers now have access to this dashboard and have full transparency and helps them manage their business units more effectively.


    Time-eater No. 1: PowerPoint presentations

    During an online assessment at a large automotive company, it became clear that countless presentations are created every day in all areas of their business: project, finance, sales, training and marketing presentations were the number one means to communicate. Nearly all survey participants complained about a missing slide management and search capability to find existing content as well as a lot of time wasted formatting newly created slides. The management decided to introduce our PowerPoint® management system empower to centralize all relevant PowerPoint content as well as to provide productivity tools that significantly reducde the amount of time spent formatting slides. The return on investment: every year, the client saves more than one million Euro as all of the 500 employees spend between one and two hours every week working with PowerPoint. The company-wide productivity of the employees could be increased by 3.75% with an annual investment of less than 50.000 Euro.


    Sales issues due to slow proposal process

    One medium-sized company realized during our on-site workshops that there was a significant opportunitity to improve the proposal creation process. As multiple people were involved in the process and a lot of cumbersome manual work had to be done for each proposal, it took very long to submit a proposal and wasted a lot of time in the process. We recommended to create a proposal generator based on Word® and Excel® to automate this process as much as possible while ensuring the involvement and input from all parties required. The return on investment: after only 3 months the proposal configurator was introduced company-wide. Today, sales representatives are able to create a proposal ad-hoc after a sales call. This has dramatically reduced the processing time (by more than 10 hours). In addition, sales increased as the sales reps could more effectively close urgent sales opportunities that before were lost to the competition.