We empower employees to reach their fullest potential

with solutions for Office!

madeinoffice_icon_werte Our mission

Microsoft Office is the standard software for companies across the world. Millions of people use Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Outlook every day – even though their core competence lies somewhere else and they have never learned how to use the programs from scratch. This is an unnecessary waste of time, the quality remains far below the possibilities – and users are not really happy about it either. Office is rarely the reason why they have chosen their profession. ​

We know Office like the back of our hand. We have spent over a decade getting to know its strengths and weaknesses. We love Office – even if it is not perfect in every situation. But ultimately, Office was developed for a wide variety of users – and companies have different requirements than authors. Corporate design faces freedom of formatting, clarity and relevance competes with functional diversity. Global teams need different tools than private users.

That’s why we set out in 2005 to revolutionize everyday office life. We develop office solutions that enable users worldwide to work more easily, uniformly and efficiently with Office. In short: we help them reach their fullest potential, and to finally have time again for what really drives them. This is our mission.

A strong vision

begins from the inside!

madeinoffice_icon_mission Our Values


The phrase “team” is not an empty shell at Made in Office, but is part of our everyday life. For us, internal competition and being a team exclude each other. We have a lot of fun at work and continuously motivate us to get better every day. We all are passionate about bringing forward our mission – to make you love Office with our solutions!


We are our own strictest critics and motivators! We do not strive to constantly work on a high standard – we want to push harder to get even better every day! Without this aspiration, we will not succeed to remain the “gold standard” for Microsoft Office development worldwide.

Customer focus

Our clients – that means you – always deserve our highest priority and support. No matter whether this is during the sales process, during implementation or after acceptance. We love enthusiastic customers – that is the reason why we get up every day!


We don’t make false promises – neither during sales or implementation. We openly address issues and collaborate closely with our clients to solve problems. We do not fear criticism – we appreciate it to get better and better every day.