PowerPoint add-in: leading PowerPoint plugin empower® slides

Create uniform presentations in your corporate design throughout the entire company – with the PowerPoint extension empower® slides you can manage slides, ensure perfect brand communication, and work more efficiently!

Slide Library:

Easily manage slides and add new content in a central library

Strengthen your brand:

Create uniform presentations in your corporate design.


Quickly build agendas, charts and infographics.

empower your whole company

with a powerful PowerPoint add-in

The perfect PowerPoint add-in for your company

Our PowerPoint extension empower® slides allows you to manage whole presentations or individual slides, images and charts. Never again will you search for the right slides for hours on end. And everything is always up to date. The empower® slides plugin is a professional and scalable software, based on Microsoft technologies, and enables centralized curation and updating of your slides – directly in PowerPoint.

  • Share presentations or individual elements such as slides, images or charts
  • Automatic updates of all content
  • Rights management directly within PowerPoint
  • Management of content in multiple languages
  • Intelligent full text search
  • Offline synchronization of the library of the PowerPoint add-in

empower your brand

And create uniform presentations with the leading PowerPoint add-in

Easily done with empower® slides

Research has shown that only 30% of all PowerPoint presentations conform to corporate design (-> download the comprehensive PowerPoint study). The empower® slides add-in will allow you to re-establish your corporate design and demonstrably triple the uniformity of your presentations. An integrated style guide and automated design check will consistently strengthen your brand.

In addition, the PowerPoint add-in will provide the following features

  • Transfer old presentations to a new design with a mouse click
  • Corporate design check for templates, colors, bullets, etc.
  • Provision of CD-conform master templates upon startup of PowerPoint
  • Any number of brands with unique colors and fonts are supported
  • Rights-management with Active Directory within the slide library
  • Automatic updates of your content
  • Curate your slide library content in multiple languages

empower your colleagues

with a PowerPoint add-in that allows significant time saving

The PowerPoint add-in empower® slides allows 30% more time for more essential tasks.

With empower® slides, you create presentations 30% faster. The software provides finished presentations, graphics and charts in order to create professional presentations in a modular manner. Want to easily add readily formatted slides sets or images in your corporate design, change from 4:3 format to 16:9 at the click of a button format charts with a single mouse click? No problem with the PowerPoint add-in empower® slides.

Further functions of empower slides:

  • Intelligent layout tools
  • Creating an agenda in your corporate design at the click of a button
  • Creating presentations in a modular manner with content from the template library of the PowerPoint add-in
  • Link Excel data to PowerPoint charts and tables

We empower you

The empower® suite is increasingly becoming established as an international standard. High time to get to know empower® slides.