The Big PowerPoint Study

What really eats up our time and what we can do against it. Carried out by GfK on behalf of Made in Office.

How much time do company employees spend with PowerPoint?

What eats up the largest amount of time when using PowerPoint?

To what extent do the PowerPoint presentations strengthen the brand communication?

What really eats up our time

and what we can do against it

PowerPoint usage in companies

Presenting and conveying information – that is the basic goal when creating presentations. An employee spends an average of 20 working hours every month using PowerPoint. But which tasks eat up the largest amount of time? How do users go about creating the presentations and what role does the brand communication aspect play in this topic? The results derived by GfK from the study it carried out on behalf of Made in Office on use of PowerPoint in business environments turned up a number of surprising findings.

Made In Office Wissen Powerpointstudie Zeitfresser Eliminieren

Eliminating time wasting, winning back valuable time

Presentations do not just convey information; they also always communicate the brand through the corporate design. A total of 40 percent of the time that employees spend using PowerPoint goes on formatting. That is an average of 8 hours every month and a large portion of this time is actually spent repeating the same work done on the previous presentation and the one before that, and the one before that, and so on. An automation potential of 34 percent is hidden here, time that could be freed up for other tasks. Employees spend an awful lot of time formatting – but does each detail of the presentation actually correspond to the predefined corporate design? The results of the PowerPoint Study show why this is a misconception! The way that PowerPoint is worked with in companies does not just result in time being lost which could be more effectively used for other tasks, but the brand communication from the inside out is also impaired.


and Facts

Methodology and Facts of the PowerPoint Study

The representative PowerPoint Study carried out by GfK on behalf of Made in Office GmbH is the most comprehensive study carried out on the use of PowerPoint in a business environment. More than 1,000 office workers in companies from different branches such as, for example, finance, industry and service providers contributed to the online survey. The PowerPoint Study furthermore provided information on the following aspects:

  • Proportion of the overall working time spent using PowerPoint
  • Number of calculations carried out per employee
  • Corporate-design conformity of all PowerPoint documents
  • Automation potential achievable with PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint skills (basic skills, advanced, professional) and training requirement

The PowerPoint Study not only provides a representative overview of the level of PowerPoint usage, but also potential solutions with which to increase efficiency.

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It´s time to stop

the time wasting

Create more time for the more important things

In addition to the PowerPoint Study, Made in Office asked companies in a global-user survey to what extent the automation potential that was determined could indeed actually be exploited with the help of the PowerPoint add-in empower® slides. The survey showed that the users with empower® slides reduced the amount of time spent on PowerPoint, as well as being able to significantly increase the level of corporate-design conformity of their presentations.

You can find more information on how you can exploit the automation potential of PowerPoint here.

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