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    Vorlagenverwaltung für Word® / Template Management

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    Word-templates: online or offline – get easy access to the latest corporate templates › more
    Save time: Automatic enter individual sender data into each template (by using Active Directory) › more
    legal compliance: Always have the correct legal information in the footer  › more

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    Central template management for Word

    Probably you are familiar with this situation: a new managing director is hired or the legal company name has changed. Now, all Word® templates in your organization need to be updated to confirm with legal requirements. Depending on the number of legal entities, locations and languages, you have to manually adjust hundreds or even thousands of templates. This cumbersome and error-prone task is a thing of the past with documenter.

    The benefits at a glance:

    • documenter is directly integrated into Word® and all users have direct access to the latest Word templates – online and offline.
    • For each template type (e.g. letter, fax, memo, blank) there is only one template company-wide.
    • Entity and location information will be managed centrally. If a user opens a template, the entity and location infromation is automatically. If a legal information changes, the administrator only needs to make this change in the central database and all Word templates are up-to-date instantly.
    • Users that open outdated Word® document will receive an update message if they want to reuse an existing document.
    Vorlagenverwaltung für Word®


    Kontaktformulare bei der Vorlagenverwaltung für Word®

    Foolproof creation of Word® documents

    If you want to quickly write a letter or document, you first have to search for the latest company template. Then, you have to enter your personal contact details and the recipient address. And better decide upfront whether you want to print the document to official stationery or send it as PDF via email.

    documenter’s features at a glance:

    • Easy access to all company templates – directly in Word
    • When opening a template, the user’s profile data will be automatically inserted based on the Active Directory data (this can be overwritten if required). You can also choose another user if you are preparing a document for a colleague.
    • The language of your template (e.g. English, Spanish, French) can be dynamically changed at any time.
    • Recipient address can be automtically added from your Outlook® or Lotus Notes address book.
    • Show or hide the letterhead depending on how you want to print the document.


    Leverage a text element library to quickly create documents

    If you regularly create documents, e.g. proposals, guides, training materials, you will probably use recurring text elements. The built-in Word functionality is rather limited and only provides user- or template specific text elements. documenter provides a professional library with flexible user rights to manage text elements effectively.

    The benefits of documenter’s text element library:

    • Central management of text elements including pictures, graphics, charts and tables
    • Users can easily create their own folders with text elements and grant access rights to their colleagues.
    • Easy, foolproof access to all text elements directly in Word® – easily create comprehensive documents by combining multiple text elements (e.g. for proposals).
    Vorlagenverwaltung für Word® - Textelemente


    Corporate Design Check bei der Vorlagenverwaltung für Word®

    Consistent branding in every Word® document

    Your brand will not only be communicated in brochures and websites, but also in every document that employees create and share internally and externally. This includes your latest company template with all legal information in the letterhead as well as company fonts and colors. documenter ensures that inconsistent documents are a thing of the past in your organization.

    The features at a glance:

    • Easy access to the latest company templates.
    • Restricted font and color pickers that comply with your branding guidelines.
    • Optimized styles for efficient and consistent documents.
    • Specific protection of your letterhead that does not limit the Word® functionality (e.g. change tracking, mailing letter).

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    empower - Implementierung
    • We offer cost-free requirement analysis and advice via phone.
    • You get an immediate time and cost indication, then a proposal for your documenter.
    • We gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement, if demanded.
    empower - Implementierung
    • We create a prototype early on to obtain and work in your feedback.
    • After discussing final details we begin with the customizing and keep you involved at all times.
    • You receive a full-featured and tested version of documenter on schedule.
    empower - Implementierung
    • Now you can test documenter from a user‘s perspective.
    • If small change requests come up, we gladly employ them for you.
    • When everything works as desired, you accept the final version of documenter.
    empower - Implementierung
    • Even after the roll-out of dashbook we will be on hand for questions.
    • We offer 24 months of support for your documenter.Change requests and extensions can be added any time.


    SQL Server 2008 or higher
    (optionally SQL Server Express)


    • Word® 2007 or higher


    ActiveDirectory for user profiles
    (alternatively LDAP-Domino-Server)