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    Better presentations in less time

    Generate presentations in your Corporate Design company-wide – our PowerPoint® add-in empower cleverly combines slide library, brand consistency and productivity boosters.

    Your Benefits:

    Slide Library: no more searching for slides and all content available and up-to-date › more
    Strengthen your brand: 100% consistent presentations that comply with your Corporate Design  › more
    Save time: work 40% faster with PowerPoint and significantly reduce annoying formatting tasks › more

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    Manage all PowerPoint content centrally

    Probably the following situation seems familiar to you: you`re searching for slides and presentations which have already been created, but you can´t find them at all. And even if you finally found them, you can´t be sure if this is the latest and up-to-date version. That are two reasons why you often reinvite the wheel and create another version of this slide. The consequence: you waste your time and there are numerous versions of one single slide – that is annoying and definitely not necessary!

    The empower slide library at a glance:

    • Arrange slides and slide sets to create presentations easily per drag & drop
    • Use the Google-like search to browse the entire company knowledge in PowerPoint®
    • Access the slide library also offline when you`re on the road or present content from the library via our intuitive iPad app
    • High user acceptance and minimal training requirements due to the perfect integration via our PowerPoint® add-in – there is no need to change into the browser to look for some content
    empower - Folienbibliothek


    empower - Update manager

    Keeping your PowerPoint® content always up-to-date

    If important slides are updated, it is nearly impossible to ensure that everybody in your organization is from now on only using the latest version. Instead, multiple old versions still exist which must not be used anymore. This problem gets even worse, if your company makes a brand relaunch and all presentations become outdated. With the unique update feature of empower those problems belong to the past.

    The benefits of the PowerPoint® add-in empower:

    • Every element in your presentation is automatically checked for updates – even when working in offline-mode
    • You can update outdated slides at the push of a button – the user keeps the entire control over the updates
    • Maximum flexibility: the update-mechanism can be customized to meet your company-specific requirements


    Manage the library and effectively collaborate on presentations

    empower is not only very intuitive for normal users, but is also very easy-to-use for content admins of the system. You can manage folder access rights and content updates at the push of a button. Morever, users can collaborate on one presentation at the same time without having to send the latest version back and forth via email.

    The slide management of our PowerPoint® add-in at a glance:

    • Save and update content in the library directly within PowerPoint®
    • Easily assign permissions (admin, editor, user) for every folder in the library – you can directly assign rights via empower and don´t need the help of your IT (in contrast to using a share drive)
    • Optimal integration of the rights management  within your IT infrastructure based on your existing Active Directory users and Active Directory groups
    • In addition, every user has its own library area and can also grant access to colleagues (similar to dropbox & co.)
    • Working parallel and collaboratively on one presentation is supported
    empower - Rechtemanagement

    Amaze with
    inspiring presentations

    empower - CD Check

    Strengthen your brand in every presentation

    Companies invest heavily in building and strengthening their brands. According to our GfK market research, however, only 30% of all presentation do compy with the brand guidelines. In most cases, the users are not aware of the brand guidelines and don’t have the tools and time to work more consistent. But don’t forget that your brand is communicated in every single presentation! Especially in sales, your brand should be represented in a professional PowerPoint® presentation to match your quality promise. With empower, it becomes so easy to create amazing presentations that consist with your brand message.

    empower translates your brand guidelines into PowerPoint®:

    • All valid master templates are directly available in PowerPoint® – no more use of wrong or outdated templates
    • The font and color pickers in the empower ribbon only show valid fonts and colors according to your brand guidelines
    • The design check helps you identifying inconsistencies and resolves them with a push of a button
    • The empower ribbon is branded according to your company name and colors so that every user feels “at home” immediately


    From old to new: instantly convert old slides

    When you start working with empower, you will still see old and inconsistent presentations for a while (although over time, this is a thing of the past). You want to reuse some old slides or the entire presentation using your new brand guidelines. In order to do that manually, a very time-consuming and cumbersome process starts. Or maybe even worse: you will just use the old slide due to a lack of time.

    The PowerPoint® add-in helps you convert old slides in no time:

    • Easily apply the new master template to your old presentation – all wrong layouts will automatically be transfered to your new design
    • The corporate design check will enable you to resolve all wrong fonts, colors and templates with a few mouse-clicks
    • Tailor-made layout tools help you fit your slides into the new layout grid
    empower - CD Check


    Chart Pool

    Create better presentations with predefined elements

    Your company’s marketing materials are normally perfectly styled and look highly professional. However, when you have to create a PowerPoint® presentation, this will not always be the case. The normal PowerPoint® user is not a designer and will therefore not have the best ideas how to visualize its content. In addition, emotional pictures are not easily available so one has to google for rather low quality alternatives.

    empower provides impressive templates in your brand design:

    • Professional slide templates (e.g. orgcharts, maps, processes, etc.)
    • Pre-defined text elements (e.g. action title, footnote, post-it notes)
    • Convincing chart templates
    • Attractive table templates
    • Central icon and symbol gallery
    • Licensed and optimized pictures for PowerPoint®

    Free up valuable time
    for the important things

    Save a lot of time with agendas & co.

    There are a lot of tasks in PowerPoint that you have to do in nearly every presentation. According to our GfK market research, 40% of the time spent with PowerPoint® is wasted doing “formatting stuff”. Our PowerPoint® add-in empower provides a comprehensive set of tools that automate this for you.

    empower’s productivity tools in a nutshell:

    • Agenda wizard to automatically create and update agenda slides and table of contents
    • Centrally define the spelling language for PowerPoint®
    • Send selected slides as PDF directly from PowerPoint®
    • Insert harvey balls, traffic lights, value chains or stamps with one mouse-click and change their status with another click anytime
    • Predefined SmartArts that match your brand design – we can even create SmartArts that do not exist in PowerPoint®
    • Delete all animations or notes from your presentation
    Agenda Wizard for PowerPoint®


    PowerPoint® Add-In Excel Table Linker

    Always up-to-date with linked Excel® data

    PowerPoint® provides a built-in linking functionality for Excel® charts in PowerPoint®. Just copy and paste an Excel chart and choose the linking option. However, you cannot properly link Excel® tables to a PowerPoint® table. Our PowerPoint® add-in solves this problem for you.

    empower Excel® data linker features:

    • Link Excel® tables and update your PowerPoint® presentations automatically
    • Predefined tables and charts can be applied to the linked Excel objects
    • Create entire presentations that can be updated and managed directly with your Excel® workbook


    Work like a designer with extended layout tools

    When you want to create sophisticated diagrams or infographics with PowerPoint®, you will painfully realize that the built-in PowerPoint® tools are not very helpful. Important alignment and layout helpers are missing and forces you to spend a lot of time formatting your graphics manually.

    Advanced layout tools of the PowerPoint® add-in:

    • Polished layout tools to quickly align elements in your layout grid
    • Automatically replace, dock or adjust the height and size of elements
    • Position painter that allows you to apply the size and position of one element to another
    empower - Layouttools

    Benefit from our innovation network!

    Our strategic innovation network

    empower is developed in close collaboration with industry leaders!

    PowerPoint Add-in

    Standard & Poor’s

    One of the leading financial services companies

    Standard & Poor’s chose empower after an extensive search for the best PowerPoint solution in the global market. We partner closely since 2011 to create a perfect PowerPoint experience for bankers worldwide using S&P products.

    • 1.000 + empower enterprise users worldwide
    • Focus on slide management as well as productivity tools and style consistency checks
    • Strong integration with S&P Capital IQ‘s PresCentersolution
    PowerPoint Add-in

    Siemens AG

    One of the largest engineering companies worldwide and No.1 in Europe

    We began a strategic partnership with Siemens in 2013. They are a leading partner in our latest empower version and help us maintain our position as an innovation leader by ensuring the library and update mechanism are best in class.

    • 10,000+ empower library users
    • Worldwide deployment
    • 1,500+ presentations centrally provided for the global Siemens Industry sales team


    Continental AG

    One of the leading automotive suppliers worldwide

    Continental was our first client back in 2010 that rolled out empower to more than 50,000 computers worldwide and since then helps us to build a high-performing and robust enterprise application.

    • 50,000+ empower enterprise users
    • Worldwide Deployment in more than 40 countries on 5 continents
    • Focus on corporate design and brand consistency in every presentation
    PowerPoint Add-in

    Microsoft Partner

    As official Microsoft Partner, we are in close collaboration with Microsoft regarding new Office releases and bug fixes that we trigger

    • Direct access to Microsoft Office developers
    • High impact on Office bug fixes and service packs
    • All Microsoft Office versions and languages available for testing
    • Early preview of new Office versions to ensure compatibility
    PowerPoint Add-in

    Your way to
    better presentations

    The empower Customizing Process

    empower - Implementierung
    • All required input for setting up empower properly will be gathered and discussed at the beginning:
      • Master template(s)
      • Brand guidelines (colors, fonts, etc.) if available
      • Chart and table templates if available
    • Preparation of important PPT content to be provided initially, e.g.:
      • Presentations
      • Slides
      • Pictures & Symbols
    empower - Implementierung
    • During design review, all deliverables will be reviewed and finalized.
    • Based on this result and depending on your customizing package either you or we will prepare the software according to your guidelines.
    • Your IT and our support team align themselves and prepare the technical installation.
    empower - Implementierung
    • During installation, the empower database (only for empower library or enterprise) will be installed within your IT infrastructure.
    • The empower client will be installed on initial test / pilot clients so you can conduct your pilot & training phase.
    • After acceptance, you can roll-out the software to your organization.

    We offer different customizing packages depending on your needs – please have a look in our product brochure.



    Supported Office Versions

    • Office 2003
    • Office 2007
    • Office 2010
    • Office 2013
    • Office 2016
    • Office for Mac is not supported yet, however, you can use a virtual Windows app (e.g. Parallels) or RemoteApps for MacOS in the meantime.

    Server Requirements

    For empower professional, you just need a network drive or a cloud provider (e.g. OneDrive / Dropbox). No admin rights are needed to install the client or setup the share drive.

    For empower library and empower enterprise, a SQL Server 2008 or higher (Express Edition feasible for small number of users) is required. The database can be setup within your own IT infrastructure or in our empower cloud using Microsoft Azure as cloud provider.

    Supported Operating Systems

    • WinXP
    • WinVista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 10
    • Terminal-Server
    • Citrix

    Supported Languages

    • English
    • German
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian
    • Russian
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Other languages upon request

    To get more technical information please have a look in our product brochure..



    We offer you three different empower editions depending on your specific needs and IT requirements. The following table presents the three editions and explains high-level the key differences. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    empower professional

    Your need:

    • You are looking for tools to quickly create agendas, slides, charts, etc.
    • You want to improve the consistency of presentations company-wide with regards to your brand guidelines.
    • You want to centrally provide users with licensed images and templates directly in PowerPoint.

    Requirements for your IT:

    • empower professional only consists of a client that will be distributed via your software distribution sytem to all users.
    • The central content library can be stored on a network drive or cloud drive (e.g. OneDrive / Dropbox).
    • Admin rights for installation are not required.


    empower library

    Your need:

    • You are looking for a central slide library to share and reuse presentations, slides and elements company-wide.
    • All users should be able to share content easily – depending on their assigned user rights – and be able to work simultanously on presentations.
    • Automatic updates of outdated versions as well as a powerful Google-like search to browse the library is important.

    Requirements for your IT:

    • empower library consists of a client component that will be distributed as well as a server component that will be installed on a SQL Server 2008 (or higher).
    •  The database can be setup within your own IT infrastructure or in our empower cloud using Microsoft Azure as cloud provider.


    empower enterprise

    Your need:

    • empower enterprise combines all features of empower professional and empower library.
    • You obtain all tools to create slides faster, improve the brand consistency in every presentations and share all relevant PowerPoint content via a central slide library.
    • empower enterprise is our most popular edition as most customers appreciate the synergies between productivity, consistency and slide management.

    Requirements for your IT:

    • empower enterprise consists of a client component that will be distributed as well as a server component that will be installed on a SQL Server 2008 (or higher).
    • The database can be setup within your own IT infrastructure or in our empower cloud using Microsoft Azure as cloud provider.