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Access programming from the MS Office experts

We develop professional Access solutions for you. From administration to extensive solutions mapping entire processes. As an alternative to Access, upon request we can also develop database applications with a front end and SQL database. We make almost anything possible!

Project process

Requirements analysis & Proposal
  • We listen to your requirements and suggest solution approaches free of charge via telephone.
  • If needed we of course sign a non disclosure agreement.
  • You directly receive an indication on time and cost for a solution. In many cases we can then directly offer a fixed-priced project.
  • In case of larger solutions we create a rough estimate and offer to start with a specification phase.

Prototype & Implementation

  • We work from our office on your project. But we stay in touch with you and clarify details if necessary.
  • We provide prototypes as early as possible to get your feedback and to ensure the success of the project.
  • You receive status updates on a regular basis.
  • You receive the full developed and well tests version right on time.

Test & Finalization

  • You verify that the solution works as expected.
  • In case you wish small adjustments, we are happy to implement those.
  • When everything works as expected, you officially accept the solution.
Acceptance & Support
  • After Go-life we help in case of questions.
  • Further we provide support free of charge in case of problems.
  • In case you request changes or enhancements to the solution, we are happy to implement those in a timely fashion.

Prices for Access programming

Once we have comprehended all your requirements, we will forward you an attractive fixed-price offer and a definite date of delivery. If your requirements cannot be clarified sufficiently at this stage, we offer an optional specification phase during which we will work out your requirements in close cooperation, the results of which will be documented.


Please note that we can only offer to conduct Access programming projects starting at $ 6,000.

Project examples

Order management

The database solution enables multiple users to process and manage orders. Additionally, orders from several different websites and Amazon are directly imported, and logistics, shipping as well as returns are all controlled in one place.

Technical details:

  • Central database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • SOAP ports to websites
  • ports to Amazon and DHL
  • Integration of barcode scanners
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Material database

Complex composite materials are able to be defined and approved via this solution. Later the manufactured material prototypes are extensively tested and the results will also be managed within the database. Stock management ist implemented as well. This way structured research of composite materials is able to be performed.

Technical details:

  • Central database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Complex computational models in area of material properties
  • Automated reports
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Staff development database

The aim of this solution is to centrally manage appraisal interviews and coaching of employees. We have developed an Access database that supports the complete process of staff development. Via a rights concept different managers are able to enter their assessments. The solutions ensures that the evaluation process of every employee is correctly performed.

Technical details:

  • Automated reports
  • role and rights concept
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