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    Custom-tailored Outlook® programming

    We develop custom software solutions for you in Microsoft Outlook®. Call us today!

    Outlook® programming

    Outlook® programming from the leading provider

    We develop a professional solution for you in Outlook®. From simple add-ins that add new functionality to Outlook® to extensive solutions for connecting Outlook® to existing systems or mapping of entire processes – we make almost anything possible!


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    start_teas1_24   Expertise through specialization

    Since 2005, we develop software based on Microsoft Outlook with C#. Benefit from our expertise – we provide effective solutions for your requirements!

    startteas2_01   Prepare to be amazed!

    Attractive and easy-to-use: our MS Office solutions inspire a fast growing number of companies worldwide. Prepare to be amazed!

    startteas3_01   Impressive cost-benefit ratio

    Custom-tailored Office solutions are inexpensive and quickly implemented. You can solve your business problems at an attractive price. See for yourself!


    Project process

    Project process

    empower - Implementierung
    • We listen to your requirements and suggest solution approaches free of charge via telephone.
    • If needed we of course sign a non disclosure agreement.
    • You directly receive an indication on time and cost for a solution. In many cases we can then directly offer a fixed-priced project.
    • In case of larger solutions we create a rough estimate and offer to start with a specification phase.
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    • We work from our office on your project. But we stay in touch with you and clarify details if necessary.
    • We provide prototypes as early as possible to get your feedback and to ensure the success of the project.
    • You receive status updates on a regular basis.
    • You receive the full developed and well tests version right on time.
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    • You verify that the solution works as expected.
    • In case you wish small adjustments, we are happy to implement those.
    • When everything works as expected, you officially accept the solution.
    empower - Implementierung
    • After Go-life we help in case of questions.
    • Further we provide support free of charge in case of problems.
    • In case you request changes or enhancements to the solution, we are happy to implement those in a timely fashion.

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