Slide Library for PowerPoint

Slide Library and toolbox combined – with empower® slides you create convincing and consistent presentations that comply with your Corporate Design!


Slide Library:

waste no more time searching slides or reinventing the wheel.


Strengthen your brand:

create only consistent presentations in your corporate design with a central slide library.


Save time:

work 40% faster with a slide library and save annoying formatting tasks.

Convince in the

important moments

Slide Library for corporations

With the Slide Library empower® slides from Made in Office you will create consistent presentations company-wide. All employees of your company can easily access slides and presentations in the Slide Library. The benefits of the empower® Slide Library are the following:

  • Centrally store presentations, slides, pictures and elements in the Slide Library
  • Designed for every company size – for 5 users as well company-wide for more than 100,000 users
  • Slide Library directly integrated into PowerPoint – no application switch to a browser required
  • Automatic update notifications whenever an element was updated in the Slide Library
  • Rights management via Active Directory (incl. AD groups)
  • All content available offline due to a synchronized Slide Library

Strengthen your brand with consistent presentations in a slide library

According to market research, 77% of all presentation do not comply with corporate design guidelines! What about you? With the slide library from Made in Office, all employees can directly access consistent, professional and error free presentations. In addition, you can also store predefined slides, charts, tables, text elements, symbols, pictures and videos in the slide library so that users can access these components to create new slides and presentations. This ensures that users not only create more consistent presentations, but also save a lot of time!

Setting up & creating

PowerPoint silde libraries

made easy with empower® slides

How many days and hours have you spent searching for correct content?

Easily share slides, presentations, images, or charts using the central empower® slide library and simply move your content to PowerPoint via drag & drop. This scalable, highly professional slide library is based on Microsoft technology. Slides can be administered directly in PowerPoint, edited and updated in Teams with out the need of becoming acquainted with new applications. Find your content with Google-esque full text search. Access your content even when offline, thanks to a complete, user-controlled synchronization of your slide library data.

In addition, you have further useful slide library features at your disposal:

  • Rights-management with Active Directory within the slide library
  • Automatic updates of your content
  • Curate your slide library content in multiple languages

empower your organization

by sharing knowledge company-wide

Slide Library for PowerPoint

When using the slide library empower you and your employees do not need to change your current behavior. You continue using PowerPoint as usual and the slide library of empower® slides will automatically be available directly in PowerPoint. In addition, you will benefit from the following features of our slide library:

  • CD Check: all content that will be published in the library will be automatically checked for corporate design consistency
  • An agenda wizard automatically creates perfect looking agenda slides
  • Predefined charts, tables, pictures and text elements

Slide Library alternatives:

Microsoft SharePoint Slide Library or browser-based solutions

You are wondering which Slide Library alternatives are available?

Very often SharePoint is already used within organizations and therefore, it seems to be a valid alternative. However, Microsoft has officially discontinued the SharePoint Slide Library capability in its latest version of SharePoint 2013. The reasons: no optimal integration of the Slide Library in PowerPoint, instability for larger libraries and inefficient search and offline capabilities.

Other alternatives are browser based solutions. However, the missing integration into PowerPoint makes it non-intuitive to use and many clients reported that user acceptance is therefore rather low. Moreover, browser based solutions do not provide an offline capability and cannot detect outdated slides automatically when used in local presentations.


Slide library without SharePoint

Make your templates, images and slides accessible to all users in PowerPoint using the empower® slide library. Ensure your brand is effectively communicated with central availability of your corporate design templates and your integrated style guide.


We empower you

The empower® suite is increasingly becoming established as an international standard. High time to get to know empower® slides.